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In the more than three years since the FATF established the Travel Rule, the guideline has proven to be one of the most significant and complex facets of the cryptocurrency industry for VASPs.

Designed to thwart terrorist financing and other illegal activity, the FATF Travel Rule requires VASPs – such as exchanges, banks, OTC desks, hosted wallets and other financial institutions – to share identifying information about the recipients and receivers of all crypto transactions over a certain threshold.

This requirement has come with a host of challenges for VASPs, such as finding the safest way to collect and share user data, without exposing it to hackers, tyrants, or data brokers.

To help clarify these complex issues, we’ve put together this condensed guide to Travel Rule protocol for VASPs (and anyone else interested, for that matter!).

Download a copy of report

Also, check out a recording of our ‘Navigating the Crypto Travel Rule’, in partnership with ACFCS.

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