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Whitepaper: UTXO vs Wallet-to-Wallet
Tracing in Bitcoin Investigations

Download our Whitepaper

Download our latest whitepaper to learn more about how unspent transaction tracing enhances Bitcoin investigations while wallet-to-wallet tracing can produce false positives and violate user privacy. The whitepaper also covers why it is imperative that investigators understand the true benefits and potential downfalls different blockchain tracing systems can have on their investigations.

Here’s what you will learn from this whitepaper:

    • How UTXOs make up Bitcoin transactions
    • How Wallet-to-wallet tracing can result in false positives
    • Why UTXO tracing preserves user privacy while generating the most relevant leads
    • How to use UTXO tracing to get the information you need for subpoenas, fast
    • And much more…


Download our Whitepaper

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