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CipherTrace experts join ACFCS Virtual Crime Week to discuss Cryptocurrency Crime

Complimentary sessions on preventing financial fraud and ransomware

This week marks the beginning of the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists – ACFCS- Virtual Crime Week. The event features a variety of industry experts discussing the growth on crypto crime, which follows the wider market adoption of cryptocurrency across global financial markets. The theme for this year’s event is “Agents of Innovation.” The conference agenda will include tips on best practices for preventing fraud, money-laundering and ransomware attacks. As cyberattacks continue to grow, even extending to the theft of COVID-19 relief funds during the global pandemic, organizations need to learn how to protect themselves. ACFCS Virtual Crime Week offers the opportunity for attendees to become better educated about how to protect themselves at no cost. Registration for the event is complimentary.

CipherTrace to share insights about technology & techniques to fight financial crime

As Cyberattacks and ransomware threats continue to grow, CipherTrace has three sessions on the conference agenda to help organizations prepare and combat these threats. Register for the Virtual Crime Week, and put these sessions on your conference calendar.

On August 4th at 6:30 am PT/9:30 am ET, bring your questions & join the CipherTrace CEO Dave Jevans for the session “Crypto Hot Topics: AMA (Ask me anything). This session is an excellent introduction to the risks of DeFI. Dave will discuss:

• What is ransomware and what does it have to do with crypto?
• What is DeFi and do banks need to worry?
• How do criminals use crypto to take advantage of banks?
• What red flags should banks be looking for regarding crypto-related fraud and money laundering

Financial Investigations specialist Pamela Clegg will be featured on the panel Stubborn as a (Money) Mule: New Approaches to Find Mules.

On August 5, at 7:30 am PT/10:30 am ET, join Pamela Clegg, VP of Investigations at CipherTrace, for a panel session, “Stubborn as a (Money) Mule – New Approaches to Fight Mule Accounts. Joining Pamela on this panel are experts, Brian Kollmeyer , Head of Global Fraud Monitoring, Western Union, Brian Svoboda-Kindle, VP of Product Development, ACFCS and Jacqueline Blaesi-Freed ,Assistant Director, Department of Justice, Consumer Protection Branch.

Attend this session to learn:
• How surging cybercrime and pandemic-related fraud have created unprecedented demand for mule accounts
• How organized crime rings and professional launderers have expanded and adapted their mule recruitment.
• How criminal prey on society’s most vulnerable from unemployed people to elderly adults spending more time online.
• New challenges for financial institutions and law enforcement, as the lines between fraud and money laundering are blurring.

On August 6th at 9: 45 am PT/12:45 pm ET Dave Jevans will join Brian Svoboda-Kindle  VP of Product Development, ACFCS, to present the session, “Everything Banks Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies.” In this session, Dave will share a comprehensive overview of the relationship between traditional finance and the crypto economy. Attendees will learn:
• How a risk-based approach to crypto can help financial institutions embrace the potential of cryptocurrency.
• How to minimize the risk of providing banking services to cryptocurrency accounts and exchanges

ACFCS Virtual Crime Week CipherTrace product demonstrations, virtual tradeshow & more

CipherTrace experts will also participate in industry panels and show a live product demo.

On August 5; 9:00am ET/6:00 am PT Pamela Clegg is a panelist on Digital Breadcrumbs: Following the (Digital) Money and Investigating Cryptocurrencies.”

See Ciphertrace Armanda in action on August 5 at 12:00 pm PT/3:00 pm ET at Virtual Crime Week

Attendee will have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of the CipherTrace Armada Product on August 5 at 12:00 pm PT/3:00 pm ET. Dina Manville will present “CipherTrace Armada: Cryptocurrency Risk Controls for Financial Institutions.” CipherTrace Armada helps banks identify virtual asset customers, flag risky cryptocurrency transactions, and perform due diligence on virtual asset service providers.

Network with CipherTrace Crypto Intelligence Experts

In addition to speaking sessions, CipherTrace also has a virtual booth at ACFCS Virtual Crime Week. Visit the virtual booth to learn more about CipherTrace’s cryptocurrency intelligence and compliance software solutions. To network with CipherTrace experts, attendees are invited to request a meeting through the online Virtual Crime Week conference event console.


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