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New version of Inspector launches, adding Ethereum visualization and enhanced UI

InspectorCiphertrace by Mastercard has launched version 3.0 of Inspector for Financial Investigations and Blockchain Forensics. Featuring a new, sleek user interface, it delivers powerful visualization and knowledgebase enhancements.

Inspector 3.0 includes an Ethereum visualization tool that helps users see the movement of funds across addresses and their interactions with smart contracts. Investigators can filter searches by parameters like Token, Amount, Category, and Country. These visualizations and address history information can be exported for evidentiary and demonstration purposes, analysis, and case support

On the Bitcoin blockchain, coins are often pulled into large pools and sent out in large multi-spends to many addresses from a single transaction. This can create “noise” in a graph when an investigator is honing in on one single address. Ciphertrace’s Combine feature reduces noise by combining all addresses in a visualization according to Entity, Cluster, Category, or Risk Score. A single address can also be searched within a visualization, pinpointing its location among thousands of others.

Additionally, Inspector’s world-class, substantiated attribution knowledgebase on millions of crypto addresses has now been enhanced with a map view and in-depth profiles of each entity, including Domicile, KYC status, Compliance contacts, and more. These pages are filterable, so finding all listed entities in a specific Category, Country, or Risk profile is easy and fast. In addition, Ciphertrace’s unique crypto glossary has been expanded.

Finally, Inspector 3.0 is now mobile-optimized and available in Brazilian Portuguese to support global investigative teams, adding to existing French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and English interfaces.

These new features will empower investigators with the capabilities they need to pursue detailed, granular traces supported by crisp visualizations. Learn more about how our upgraded Inspector solution can help you run crypto investigations. Book a demo today.

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