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New from Mastercard: ‘The Update’

Included in Edition #1 of this magazine, an article on how to identify and manage VASP counterparty risk

Our digital landscape is changing rapidly, with emerging tools like AI creating new opportunities, but also new risks. We’re at the forefront of many of these new technologies, and Mastercard is pleased to share the launch of our magazine, The Update, that delves into how businesses can make use of new technologies to protect their customers—and themselves—without having to choose between convenience and security.

It includes an article on how to identify and manage VASP counterparty risk. As bank customers demand convenient pathways for buying and exchanging cryptocurrency, the virtual asset ecosystem is intersecting more often with traditional financial institutions. This situation can be beneficial to both — banks can enable their customers to take advantage of a cutting-edge payment technology, while crypto businesses bring in new investments. However, it has also raised regulatory concerns regarding financial crime and consumer protection.

Download your copy to dive into the associated risks, understand what this means for banks, and also identify ways to turn challenges into opportunities.

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