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CipherTrace Inspector provides a powerful interface to trace blockchain transactions for financial investigations and enhanced due diligence.

CipherTrace Inspector allows non-technical agents and analysts to easily obtain examine suspicious activity, pinpoint the use of cryptocurrencies to launder money, and trace ransomware and other illicit payments.

“With the growth in digital transactions and the increased use of cryptocurrency, there is also an increase in fraud. This is where CipherTrace helps banks, exchange houses, digital payment platforms and other financial companies to protect their customer’s transactions and also provide visibility and security so that they are free from the risks.”

— Anand Choudha

CEO of Spectrami, Cyber Security Value-Added Distributors
CipherTrace Helps McAfee Follow NetWalker Funds

Using CipherTrace Inspector, McAfee analysts traced BTC addresses extracted from a screenshot of four completed NetWalker ransomware payments found on a darknet market RaaS listing. These screenshots only showed partial BTC addresses, but CipherTrace Inspector autocomplete was easily able to determine the full addresses, allowing McAfee analysts to further investigate the ransomware scheme.

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The CipherTrace Inspector Competitive Difference

Trace Transactions using Blockchain Analytics & Cryptocurrency Intelligence

CipherTrace Inspector allows financial investigators and analysts to visually trace transactions on the blockchain to follow cryptocurrencies, spot cryptocurrency threats, identify risky or illicit activities. It enable investigators to identify the virtual asset service providers (VASPs) that provide the fiat off-ramps for virtual assets. The platform also monitors than 900 cryptocurrencies — including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Powerful and Intuitive Graphical Interface

A powerful graphic interface traces the flow of funds over time and simply by clicking on the address. The graph database visually displays data with relationships to an anchor transaction such as a specific crypto address or wallet. Easy data retrieval via the Blockchain Search Engine makes it fast and easy to investigate Bitcoin transaction IDs and addresses.

Identify risky attributes of crypto addresses and wallets

Identifies risky attributes of crypto addresses, wallets, and related businesses participating in Bitcoin transactions—such as mixers, ransomware, and dark markets. This attribution requires applying sophisticated data science and big data analytics to blockchain-based transactions.

Easy-to-use Graphical Transaction Tracing

A powerful graph database traces the flow of funds over time and through the blockchain entities. The intuitive user interface visually displays data with relationships to an anchor transaction such as a specific crypto address or wallet. The intuitive the Blockchain Ssearch and autofill makes it fast and easy to investigate cryptocurrency transaction IDs and addresses.

Comprehensive Attribution Data

CipherTrace Inspector features an enormous repository of attribution data, adding on average 1.5 million new data points each week. This data is derived from extensive open and closed-source intelligence gathering, which includes active participation in the crypto economy by CipherTrace researchers. Advanced Algorithms enable high-quality attribution. CipherTrace high-quality attribution information platform can rapidly aggregate and correlate a variety of indicators, and then provide users with risk assessments and actionable intelligence

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