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A Criminal is an individual or group who has been convicted or is associated with a known crime, excluding Ransomware-related or Malware-related activities, Dark Markets, or creators and facilitators of pre-exit high-yield investment programs (HYIP). Criminals can be pseudonymous, such as crypto-thefts, or named (such as someone on a watchlist). A “criminal” can include a person or organization who is associated with participation in a known organized criminal group or illegal activities, including terrorism, terrorist financing, racketeering, corruption, bribery, fraud, environmental crime, murder, grievous bodily injury, kidnapping, unlawful restraint and hostage-taking, robbery or theft (including crypto-theft), smuggling (including evasion of customs and excise duties and taxes), direct and indirect tax crimes, extortion, forgery, piracy, and insider trading or market manipulation. Note that sanctioned criminals are also denoted with a “sanctioned” label.

Note: These are non-technical definitions meant for a general audience and should not be used as legal definition
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