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All banks have a level of exposure to crypto today; whether they want to or not, and whether they see it or not.

If your bank is looking either to enable your customers to transact with low-risk VASPs an exchanges, or provide banking services to crypto entities, you need deep-dive insights to better inform your risk decisioning.

Ciphertrace’s VASP Entity Risk Assessment is a consulting-based solution that delivers detailed insights into the overall risk of an entity. Leveraging proprietary Mastercard tools and data, we perform extensive due diligence on VASPs to highlight risk considerations to meet your specific needs.

Benefits to financial institutions

Enhanced risk assessmentIn-depth insights into the overall risk of Virtual Asset Service Providers, including corporate profiles, sanctions assessments, cyber risk, and AML policy risk. This enables banks to conduct a more comprehensive risk assessment, and make informed decisions when engaging with these entities
Better Risk DecisioningLeverage insights and benchmarking to make better risk-related decisions when enabling transactions with low-risk VASPs or providing banking services to crypto entities
Detailed Analysis and AuditabilityEach customized report includes a detailed and expansive analysis of each in-scope VASP and related entities to meet specific organisational needs

Crypto VASP & Exchange Risks FAQs

Gaining insights into VASPs and exchange risks empowers financial institutions to make informed decisions, enhance risk management strategies, and ensure compliance with evolving regulations in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape.

The analysis offers comprehensive information about VASPs and exchanges, including risk profiles, regulatory compliance assessments, cyber risk evaluations, and AML policy scrutiny, enabling financial institutions to evaluate and manage associated risks effectively.

The overall risk assessment of VASPs and exchanges considers factors such as corporate profiles, sanctions assessments, cyber risk indicators, AML policy effectiveness, and compliance with regulatory standards to provide a comprehensive risk evaluation.

The analysis scrutinizes the AML policies of VASPs and exchanges, assessing their effectiveness in combating money laundering risks. It helps financial institutions evaluate the AML compliance level of these entities and make informed decisions accordingly.

Yes, the insights and analysis can be customized to meet the specific needs of financial institutions. The solution offers flexibility in tailoring the analysis to align with individual risk management strategies and requirements.

Yes, the analysis is conducted by qualified experts with in-depth expertise in crypto risk management. These professionals possess the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver accurate and comprehensive assessments.

To request an analysis or learn more about the process, simply reach out to our dedicated team. They will guide you through the steps, provide further information, and assist you in initiating the analysis for your financial institution.

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