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Cryptocurrency Intelligence

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The CipherTrace platform is designed to allow the blockchain ecosystem to grow and evolve in innovative ways by making it secure, knowable, and trustworthy. It helps cryptocurrency exchanges grow revenue making it possible to handle massive numbers of transactions and value—safely while minimizing compliance efforts and costs. It enables traditional financial services and businesses to safely participate in crypto asset markets and accept bitcoin payments.

CipherTrace provides fast and powerful tools for analysts and investigators—from compliance teams to law enforcement to regulators to researchers—to trace transactions and uncover relationships or attributes that elevate risk.

Superior Cryptocurrency Intelligence

Designed by eCrime and FinTech experts, CipherTrace’s algorithms and automated analysis manifest those insights with respect to cryptocurrencies. The platform’s core capabilities include a very fast and easy-to-use search engine, API, advanced attribution capabilities, and machine learning algorithms that augment the blockchain to produce superior cryptocurrency intelligence.

Integrated Forensics Capabilities

The pseudo-anonymous nature of the blockchain environment makes tracing transactions possible—but not easy. The blockchain ledger contains every detail of every Bitcoin transaction ever made. However, this public, open source data alone has little value unless analyzed in the context of additional data and real-world domain expertise. In the blockchain world, technology without human intelligence rarely delivers useful insights. The enormous complexity of the Bitcoin blockchain also makes it impractical to manually ferret out indicators of risk for a large number of specific transactions.

The CipherTrace platform addresses these challenges with pattern recognition, an advanced API, interactive visualization and other technologies. It also aggregates millions of open source and private references, geolocation data, and decoy deception data as well as human intelligence and expertise gained from deep relationships with regulators, law enforcement, and exchanges.

machine learning

Machine Learning and solid attribution deliver superior intelligence

Augmented Threat Intelligence

The CipherTrace platform’s integrated and augmented threat intelligence applies the industry’s most capable machine learning algorithms and accurate attribution data. The result is the most in-depth forensics capabilities of any solution available. The interactive transaction graph database with it’s augmented blockchain records deliver the most accurate assessment of crypto risk. What’s more, these capabilities deliver coherent insights into the blockchain that is easily comprehensible for non-technical investigators.

Powerful and Easy to Use

The CipherTrace platform requires no special expertise. A user simply types or pastes a cryptocurrency address or Transaction ID into the Search field. Even with only a partial address, intelligence in the search engine fills in the available valid addresses that match what is entered in the search field.

Search Blockchain for Transactions and Wallets

Search Blockchain for Transactions and Wallets

Its powerful blockchain search engine then displays a valuable set of basic data attribution data. It then very quickly returns the date and amount of the transaction, transaction ID, addresses—even the geographic location to which the transaction was sent, and the wallet address of any cryptocurrency change returned.

Intuitive Analysis

Users can then move into the analysis, which starts with a visual representation of the transaction. The users can then step forward and backward in the transaction history of the anchor transaction.

In-Depth Transaction Visualization


The platform’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to perform deeper inspection and analysis of suspicious transactions. Once a transaction is identified as high-risk or non-compliant, the user can click to drill down and look for relationships such as clusters, or search back through related transactions or multiple parts of a transaction and see any useful patterns.


Visual Transaction Tracing

Using this state-of-the-art investigation environment, even non-technical users can gain actionable insights into transactions and wallets.


Transaction Risk Scoring

CipherTrace calculates risk scores for transactions based on whether the funds have traveled through suspicious paths or are associated with known bad actors or geographies. This transaction risk scoring also simplifies compliance efforts by helping to identify and highlight suspicious transactions for further scrutiny or action. Bulk upload and analysis of transactions and addresses can speed up complex investigations and audits.

API and Bulk Analysis Enable Heavy Transaction Volumes

The industry-leading CipherTrace API provides near real-time transaction risk scoring for exchanges, financial institutions, and other high-volume use cases. The API also can trigger deeper analysis required for Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) and Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) such as those required by FinCEN and other regulatory bodies.

Machine Learning Algorithms 

The CipherTrace platform relies on proprietary machine learning algorithms to automatically cluster related transactions and detects fraud and money laundering. An analysis engine also uses these technologies to trace large address sets and then assigns risk scores to suspicious transactions or patterns of transactions by rapidly aggregating and correlating a variety of indicators. The CipherTrace environment visually presents these complex relationships for easy, intuitive analysis. This saves investigators significant time while providing actionable AML and other forensic information, including data useful as evidence.

Case and Record Retention / Integration

The CipherTrace platform makes it easy to save cases for easy referral in ongoing cases or “as needed” for the presentation of evidence. The platform also supports ongoing transaction monitoring, and users can export data to other applications, create reports in PDF format, and archive. Many customers integrate CipherTrace data into SIEM or analytics platforms such as Maltego, IBM or Palantir for further analysis and record retention.

Collaborate on Related Investigations

CipherTrace Case Sharing enables trusted members of the community to collaborate and share research on specific transactions to collaborate on investigations.  Internal and external colleagues collaborate across time zones or across the globe. Agency and regulators can also collaborate across jurisdictions to coordinate intelligence and actions.

Community-Sourced Attribution Sharing

CipherTrace community attribution sharing enables trusted member of a community to share threat intelligence with other members. This includes setting up a pool of attribution information based on crowd-sourced shared intelligence. By allowing all users to benefit from more intelligence and cross-validation, this approach increases confidence in attribution.


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