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Crypto && Coffee 141

Technology Recap:


  • The LDK team announced LDK Node v0.1.0. This is a Lightning node Rust library that uses the LDK and BDK libraries to enable developers to quickly setup a self-custodial Lightning node and wallet

  • Payjoin Dev Kit (PDK) was announced as a Rust library that implements BIP-78 for use in wallets and services that aim to utilize payjoin functionality. 

  • Binance adds Lightning support and deposits/withdrawals are now open. 


  • The Ethereum Community Conference, EthCC, is currently underway in Paris, France. Tons of notable protocols and core developers are sharing the launch of new versions, upgrades, and discussing the future of Ethereum. Stay tuned for a ton of announcements over the coming days. 

  • Ethereum Foundation’s Robust Incentives Group (RIG) publishes a list of collected posts, papers, and talks referencing Ethereum cryptoeconomics and research around Proof-of-Stake. 

  • Christine Kim publishes the latest notes from the most recent Ethereum Consensus Layer client teams meeting last week. The call discussed the validator set size and the subsequent load on the network. 

  • Ethereum main site releases a Q3 2023 roadmap with focus on design and community. 

  • All the main contributors of Ethereum held an AMA on Reddit last week with questions around one-shot signatures, decentralization, cryptographic primitives, and more. 

  • Nethermind v1.20.1 has been released! This upgrade brings with it better readability for logs, attestation rates, sync time improvements, and full pruning. 

Other Chains: 

  • Consensys zkEVM Linea network alpha has been deployed to mainnet! Linea has started onboarding launch partners while EthCC is going on currently in Paris, FR. 

  • Uniswap announces UniswapX, a new permissionless, open source, auction-based protocol for trading across AMMs and other liquidity sources. Read the full thread here. They aim to announce a cross-chain native asset swap as well later this year. 

  • The Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) has officially launched on Avalanche, Ethereum, Optimism, and Polygon mainnets. 

  • Polygon v2.0 is unveiled. POL, the upgraded token of the Polygon protocol is now here as its the next generation native token for the Polygon ecosystem. 

  • Aave DAO has successfully launched GHO, Aave’s native stablecoin, on Ethereum.

  • Liquity is launching a V2 in 2024! It was announced at the Stable Summit during EthCC.

  • Coinbase Wallet has added encrypted messaging in-app using XMTP. This is the first major wallet to build in secure messaging as a first-class feature. XMTP is building a privacy-minded web3 messaging network. 

  • Espresso Systems and EigenLayer announce ecosystem partnership to bring re-staking to the Espresso Sequencer network. 

  • Coinbase’s Base has launched mainnet and is now open for builders. It launched during EthCC in Paris, FR. 

  • Terence from Offchain Labs shares that Arbitrum will be moving towards permissionless validation. 

  • Taiko announces Eldfell L3, alpha-4 testnet, which is their first experiment with inception layers and a new staking based proving design. 

  • Lens Protocol V2 is announced! This next chapter for the evolution of Lens focuses on more control to the builders and integrators. V2 brings Open Actions as a new milestone for composable social networking via web3. 

  • Starknet Quantum Leap has been deployed to mainnet! This update is a major milestone in improving Ethereum’s capacity by allowing Starknet to increase the network’s throughput tenfold as well as integrate Cairo rs. 

  • cLabs, the team behind Celo, launches a proposal to transition Celo back to Ethereum as an Ethereum layer-2 network.

  • Uniswap Labs features EIP-1153 as it is necessary for Uniswap V4 which takes advantage of transient storage. 

  • zkSync announced Boojum, a new high-performance proof system that will transition zkSync Era to a STARK-powered proof system, providing world-class performance on consumer-grade hardware. 

  • Osmosis v16 Magnesium is here! This update brings supercharged liquidity improvements, CosmWasm Pool modules, and more!

  • Flashbots community grants program highlights MEV research funded through FRP including focus on: private mempools, front-running, AMM design, credible commitments and more. 

  • CoW Swap introduced a new feature entitled, CoW Hooks. With CoW Hooks, one can take multiple DeFi actions: swaps, bridge, stake, deposit, borrow, and more and group them all into a single action. 

  • Arbitrum announces Phase 1 of the Arbitrum Ambassador Program. University-backed blockchain clubs and students can now apply to represent Arbitrum in their local communities, contribute, build their professional network and more! 

  • Ajna Finance, a new oracleless, permissionless lending protocol with no governance, has launched!

  • Sablier announces the release of Sablier V2. V2 is the next generation token streaming protocol that doubles down on their Lockup design. 

  • Ryan Berckmans releases a thread of ETH’s positive black swans and where some see things evolving. 

  • Mantle network, another layer-2 that aims to bridge multiple blockchains with off-chain data storage via Eigen DA, is now live on mainnet! 

  • Kain announces the next steps for Synthetix which is Infinex. Infinex aims to compete against centralized exchanges by using Synthetix and SNX at the heart of the infrastructure. 

  • StakeWise announces V3 and how it will give stakers the power to access liquid staking from any node, prioritizing control, self-custody, yield and decentralization. 

  • Coinbase launched gasless USDC sends on Polygon a couple weeks ago without the need for smart contracts or EIP-4337. 

Hacks | Vulnerabilities | Exploits:

  • PeckShield shares that in the first half of 2023, there were 395+ major hacks that occurred with ~386 being DeFi related. This has resulted in ~$479M loss in funds. 

  • On July 18th, 2023, BNO was attacked on BSC with a total loss resulting in ~$500K. The attack was successful via an incorrect reward calculation via the smart contract. 

Mainstream Recap:

  • U.S. Judge ruled that Ripple Labs Inc. did not violate federal securities law by selling XRP on public exchanges. 

  • Exchanges immediately re-listed XRP for trading as soon as the news came out. Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, and Gemini (soon) were some to name a few. 

  • Paul Grewal, Chief Legal Officer for Coinbase, responds to the SEC’s statement of intent to move to strike Coinbase’s defenses rooted in the major questions doctrine. 

  • Bluechip is announced! Bluechip is an independent, non-profit stablecoin rating organization. 

  • Alluvial announces their $12M Series A round, co-led by Ethereal Ventures and Variant. The round will help enable mainstream adoption of liquid staking by furthering Liquid Collective: the first enterprise-grade liquid staking solution. 

This Week’s Cup of Coffee:

This week, we are headed to Savannah, GA for a cup of Peru El Paraiso from Perc Coffee. This single origin roast yields bold flavors of brown sugar, candied orange, and cacao. Sip up and enjoy!! 

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