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Crypto && Coffee 138

Technology Recap:


  • Binance is working to integrate the Lightning Network for deposits and withdrawals. 

  • Thomas Voegtlin posted to the Lightning Dev mailing list suggesting BOLT11 invoices be extended to optionally allow a receiver to request two separate payments from a spender. Each payment would have a separate secret and amount.

  • BTC Warp is introduced which uses zk-SNARKs to prove and verify a chain of Bitcoin block headers. 


  • Vitalik Buterin, founder and creator of Ethereum, publishes an article on a Deeper dive on cross-L2 reading for wallets and other use cases

  • The Ethereum Foundation shares their latest allocation update with various funding going to grantees’ projects. 

  • Ethereum developers are considering raising the limit of ETH staked for a validator from 32 ETH to 2,048 ETH. 

  • Ethereum devs share the idea of a co-processor for rollups. The idea is an Optimistic Pool which would act as a universal contract that saves user’s gas by doing some off-chain computations and validating them more efficiently. 

Other Chains: 

  • Zora Network, a gas efficient and scalable layer-2 network, is now live! It is secured by Ethereum and built using Optimism’s OP Stack. 

  • A proposal was published to upgrade Polygon Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to a zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine) validium. This would be a first-of-its-kind decentralized ZK layer-2. 

  • Antonio Juliano, founder of dYdX, shares that dYdX v4 will be fully open source and will not include a business license upon being considered production ready.

  • EigenLayer announces the deployment of Stage-1 Eigen on Ethereum mainnet. This marks a major milestone in their mission to create a permissionless environment for innovation. 

  • The Electric Coin Company, company behind Zcash, releases v5.6.0 of zcashd. This release introduces necessary updates for light wallets and their ability to access spendable funds without fully scanning the blockchain

  • Frax Finance to launch an Ethereum layer-2 named Fraxchain. 

  • Binance’s BNB Chain introduces opBNB, a scalability solution that is now available on BSC. opBNB is a fork of Optimism utilizing their OP Stack. 

  • Uniswap Foundation publishes the results of their Bridge Assessment Report. 

  • Osmosis unveils OSMO v2.0, which is paving the way for a sustainable liquidity hub on Cosmos. 

  • Xai is introduced! Xai is a layer-3 blockchain leveraging Arbitrum. The aim is for them to gain support from Offchain Labs to address the needs of game developers. 

  • Polymer Labs announces Optimistic ZK IBC Connections. Polymer is enabling zero knowledge based IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) connections with more! This builds on the interoperability and Cosmos ecosystem. 

  • L2Beat unveils “Stages”, a maturity ranking for layer-2 projects. This builds off of Vitalik Buterin’s view on milestones for rollups. 

  • ARPA Network’s mainnet is now live on Ethereum! ARPA allows dApp developers to use a random number generator, multi-party computation tools, decentralized voting systems, and more directly via ARPA. 

  • Reserve is deepening its involvement into Curve Finance by making a $20M investment in their governance ecosystem. 

  • Pike Finance introduces Pike, a universal liquidity protocol. 

Hacks | Vulnerabilities | Exploits:

  • On June 16, 2023, Pawnfi was attacked on Ethereum in a flurry of transactions due to failing to verify whether the NFT had actually been transferred when users used a specified NFT as collateral for borrowing. 

  • On June 17th, 2023, Midas Capital was exploited on BSC which resulted in a loss of ~$600K. Midas is a fork of Compound and the attack is very similar to the vulnerabilities found in Hundred Finance and Silo Finance that were disclosed on June 17th as well. The root cause is a rounding issue in the lending protocol.

Mainstream Recap:

  • Coinbase announces their partnership with Bitkey, the self-custody bitcoin wallet made by Block, Inc.. The partnership will allow customers to easily transfer new and existing bitcoin with Coinbase to their Bitkey self-custody wallet

  • Binance’s UK subsidiary, Binance Markets Limited (BML), has canceled its registration with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is working on a platform for CBDCs to enable transactions between countries. 

  • Ripple has secured in-principal approval of an application for a Major Payments Institution License from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. 

  • Deutsche Bank applies for a digital asset custody license with the country’s financial regulator, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, BaFin. 

  • Fortune releases Gary Gensler’s Crypto Playbook

  • BlackRock files for Spot Bitcoin ETF.

  • CoinDesk reports that BlackRock will be using Coinbase Custody for the upcoming ETF and the crypto exchange’s spot market data for pricing. 

  • Paul Grewal, Chief Legal Officer of Coinbase shares that they couldn’t wait for the SEC’s response – so he published their thoughts. 

  • Bakkt is delisting Solana, Polygon, and Cardano due to regulatory uncertainty. 

  • CoinDesk reports that Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon has been sentenced to four months in jail by a Montenegro court after being found guilty of document forgery. 

  • Gemini announces their expansion plans in APAC with an increased headcount in Singapore and an engineering base in India. 

  • Yehuda Lindell, Coinbase’s Head of Cryptography, releases a whitepaper on how Coinbase’s Wallet-as-a-Service leverages Multi-Party Computation (MPC). 

  • Stablecoin issuer, Circle, restarts their U.S. Treasury purchases in BlackRock-managed USDC Reserve Fund. 

This Week’s Cup of Coffee:

This week, we are headed to Caffe Vita in Seattle, WA for a cup of their Pride Blend. This blend features roasts from Brazil, Ethiopia and Indonesia. With tasting notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and hints of cherry it’s a solid blend for a morning pour over. Sip up and enjoy!!

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