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Crypto && Coffee 133

Technology Recap:


  • Blockstream shares a new update to the Jade Bitcoin hardware wallet which can be used fully air-gapped for all functionality.

  • CoinTelegraph gives a breakdown on the technical discussions that took place at Advancing Bitcoin last week in London.


  • ETH Denver 2023 took place last week where teams focused on the upcoming Shanghai/Capella upgrade and account abstraction!

  • The deployment of ERC-4337 was shared at ETH Denver’s WalletCon which pushed account abstraction forward through the EntryPoint smart contract.

  • Goerli testnet is scheduled to upgrade to Shanghai/Capella on March 14th at 22:25 UTC.

  • Guillaume Ballet, Ethereum Core Dev, discusses EIP-6190 in a thread with focus on pairing it with EIP-6189 to allow contracts to be both destructed and re-created.

  • The Ethereum Foundation announces Devcon7 will be in Southeast Asia in 2024.

  • Terence Tsao of Prysmatic Labs and Arbitrum shares another week of EIP-4844 call notes diving into validator blobs, the latest in EIP updates and more!

Other Chains:

  • Polygon’s mainnet beta launch of zkEVM is scheduled for March 27th, 2023.

  • Aave publishes a governance MVP for V3 deployment on Polygon’s zkEVM mainnet.

  • A possible sequel to Tornado.Cash has been pushed to its initial release on Optimism. Privacy Pools v0 aims to allow one to generate a brand new Ethereum address that is completely un-linkable to any prior transaction history.

  • Rollkit introduced a modular framework for rollups, which now is the first research integration of Bitcoin as a data availability layer for sovereign rollups.

  • Miga Labs presents their latest project to support the Ethereum ecosystem: EthSeer – a live visualization tool with the latest on-chain statistics.

  • Fantom Foundation releases a new update for the Fantom mainnet! This release includes reducing P2P + block processing times, genesis file processing speed-up, and more!

  • Ethereum devs dive into bridge security in relation to GnosisDAO, Nomad, and Safe.

  • Lighter, a fully decentralized order book exchange is now live on Arbitrum!

  • The Ethereum Attestation Service, EAS, is now rolling out across multiple EVMs.

  • is launched which provides a dashboard about transaction censorship on Ethereum.

  • Wagmi-dev introduces viem – a TypeScript interface for Ethereum with focus on stability, developer experience, bundle size, and performance.

Hacks | Vulnerabilities | Exploits:

  • Molly White dives into the Oasis “counter-hack” and centralization of DeFi which allowed Jump Crypto to recover the funds back.

  • Coinbase releases a case study on social engineering in the world of crypto.

Mainstream Recap:

  • The White House will continue to monitor the Silvergate Bank situation. Last week, Silvergate Capital Corporation, the bank’s parent company, postponed filing its annual 10-K report with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • Kraken is on track to launch a bank “very soon” despite the regulatory space.

  • Eco said it was lending to Fidelity and Goldman, yet user funds went to risky crypto lenders.

  • Apple won’t greenlight Uniswap’s crypto wallet.

  • CoinDesk reports that a SEC official said they believe is operating an unregistered securities exchange in the U.S., and that the sale of VGX tokens by Voyager Digital violated federal securities laws.

  • Coinbase purchases crypto asset manager One River in bet on institutional demand.

  • Robinhood’s wallet app is now available to all iOS users.

  • Two people alleged to be behind the $9M Platypus attack have been arrested by French Police.

  • Update on the Sam Bankman-Fried saga with prosecutors wanting him to use a flip phone as part of a restrictive bail package.

  • Coinbase launches wallet API to help integrate Web2.0 devs into web3.

  • Ethereum layer-2 network, Scroll, has raised $50M in new funding which gives them a new valuation at $1.8B.

  • CoinTelegraph reports that Coinbase’s new layer-2 network may include AML.

  • Vitalik Buterin shares personal user experiences of using crypto in the real-world.

  • Decrypt reports that Coinbase could delist Binance USD amid regulatory scrutiny.

This Week’s Cup of Coffee:

This week, we are headed to San Francisco, CA for a cup of Dandy Espresso from Blue Bottle Coffee. This flagship balanced espresso brings nice notes of dark chocolate with hints of fruit to your morning cup. Sip up and enjoy!!

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