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Cryptocurrency Risk
Intelligence for Financial

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Banks and other financial institutions are often unaware of the pervasive presence of cryptocurrency in their customer accounts and payment networks. CipherTrace Crypto Risk Intelligence provides a unique lens through which financial institutions can gain visibility into this high-risk blind spot.

CipherTrace curates the world’s most comprehensive database of cryptocurrency exchanges and their operational status. This includes deriving risk data by opening and operating accounts at exchanges globally, making it possible for CipherTrace to provide first-hand assessments of their respective Know Your Customer (KYC) and AML practices.

CipherTrace Crypto Risk Intelligence delivers a threat intelligence service for financial institutions that includes:

  • Crypto business directory data feed to filter ACH, SWIFT, wire and credit card networks. Risk profiles and locations of 400+ cryptocurrency exchanges and 600 crypto entities.
  • Research and actionable alerts on emerging crypto crime, cryptocurrency-related malware and ransomware threats.
  • Custom threat hunting reports that provide details on dark market activity targeting specific financial institutions, including bitcoin mules, stolen user credentials, credit card dumps, targeted malware, and payment network hijackings.

Enhanced cryptocurrency transaction filtering

One challenge common to most financial service companies is identifying cryptocurrency exchanges that rapidly come and go. In the “Wild West” of the emerging crypto economy, banks and financial institutions have trouble ensuring they are not inadvertently sending funds to or receiving funds from unregistered MSBs.

CipherTrace analysts continuously scour open, dark
and deep web sources for fresh information on new exchanges and money laundering services. This up-to-the-moment visibility is critical because the rough-and-tumble cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to evolve in blockchain time.

Good intelligence on bad actors

CipherTrace Crypto Risk Intelligence provides customized threat intelligence about criminal actors using cryptocurrency to sell stolen credentials, credit card dumps, ATM skimmers, malware, zero-day exploits and phishing kits that may impact a bank or its customers. This bespoke and actionable intelligence includes specific details such as their hidden websites, handles, IP addresses and even physical locations.

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