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All financial institutions have a level of exposure to crypto today; whether they want to or not.

Regardless of your risk appetite for allowing your clients to engage with the crypto ecosystem, being able to identify and understand all crypto-related transactions flowing through your payment rails is critical to effectively mitigate and manage AML and fraud risk.

Additionally, having a complete view of your current crypto exposure can enable you to identify opportunities for innovation to meet growing consumer demand.

Introducing Armada: benefits to financial institutions

Enhanced risk & fraud insightsUncover virtual currency-related transactions for use in risk and fraud models by uncovering client interactions with virtual asset service providers
Complete view of crypto ecosystem risk exposureGain visibility into cryptocurrency-related risk exposure across all payment rails, based on Ciphertrace’s real-world interactions with the crypto-ecosystem
Deeper insights for extended due diligenceView detailed profiles of crypto-exchanges, including information such as KYC policies, banking relationships, domiciled location, counterparty interaction risk, and registration status

Armada FAQs

Crypto risk management is crucial for financial institutions to mitigate AML and fraud risk, safeguard customer assets, and ensure regulatory compliance in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

Armada solution offers comprehensive tools and insights to financial institutions, enabling them to effectively identify, analyse, and mitigate AML and fraud risks associated with cryptocurrency transactions and entities.

Yes, the Armada solution ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, including robust Know Your Customer (KYC) policies, to help financial institutions meet regulatory obligations and maintain a secure and compliant environment.

Armada solution is designed with user-friendliness in mind, requiring minimal technical expertise for implementation. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive support enable financial institutions to easily adopt and integrate the solution into their existing systems.

Yes, the Armada solution can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of different financial institutions. Its flexible architecture allows for customization, ensuring that it aligns with specific risk management processes and strategies.

Financial institutions interested in Armada solution can easily request a demo or obtain more information by reaching out to our dedicated team. Our experts will provide comprehensive demonstrations and address any inquiries or concerns.

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