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Crypto && Coffee 010 | Mimblewimble Progress Report

Technology Recap: 


  • Bitcoin ABC v0.20.12 was released. This release includes fixes for multi-wallets and better error reporting for configuration errors.  


  • The MimbleWimble progress update from David Burkett was posted. He stated that he has found a way to support non-interactive transactions in Mimblewimble. 


  • The Ethereum Foundation posted an update on eth2.0 development with focus on the beacon chain, optimizations, and Lighthouse validators.  

Other Chains:  

  • The latest Monero upgrade introduced a new feature, RPC-Pay. This feature is a new way to incentivize server operators to earn Monero as an alternative to ad revenue. Full details on the feature here. 
  • GRIN released information on Elder payment channels, proposal for non-interactive transactions and wallet updates.  
  • With support from Ethereum-based Gnosis Ecosystem, Gelato has been released which offers its users the means to create personal bots that automatically interact with their favorite applications on Ethereum – without any code.  
  • Beam Privacy’s CTO presented an overview of the Beam Confidential DeFi Infrastructure. Full video here. 
  • On February 3rd, 2020, the Loopring team staked 34.8 million LRC in the staking pool contract. With roughly 10% of circulation supply is staked, this milestone marks the end of the “Golden Staking Window” announced in December. 

Mainstream Recap: 

  • The blockchainbased software company Matter Labs, which focuses on building a privacy engine for Ethereum, released the alpha version of Zinc. Zinc is a programming language and execution environment for easy creation of safe zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) circuits.  
  • Gemini announced that users of their exchange can now execute trades directly through the TradingView interface. 
  • Ethereum-based Consensys is restructuring and shrinking its workforce by 14%. Read the article here. 
  • Anchorage announced that its the first institutional custodian to support Cosmos ATOM. Clients can now hold ATOM in their custody accounts and buy and sell through Anchorage Trading, and will soon be able to participate in staking. 
  • Coinbase announced that after spending 11 years at Google, Surojit Chatterjee is joining Coinbase as their new Chief Product Officer.  
  • Bitcoin and Lightningbased node security company Casa posted their thoughts on 2020 with a major focus on Bitcoin security.  


This Week’s Cup of Coffee: 

This week, we are heading south to Austin, Texas for a solid dark roast from Cuvée Coffee. Their bold and smoky dark roast West Pole is a perfect cup, providing those deep notes of molasses and spices. Enjoy! 


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