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Crypto && Coffee 001

Technology Recap: 


  • Bitcoin Core released upgrade v0.19.0.1 on November 24th. The upgrade provides a few new RPC enhancements, updated settings for whitelisting, and added a new setting for block filters. The new block filters enable the creation of BIP158 filters for the entire chain. Ethereum: 
  • The upcoming Ethereum Hard Fork (Istanbul) will be taking place on December 4th at block height 9069000. 


  • Litecoin Core Developers are looking into the use of MimbleWimble and extension blocks in Litecoin. 


  • The BitcoinCash network upgrade activated on November 15th. The upgrade features two new advancements. The first is that now all signature checking operators support Schnorr signatures. The second feature removed the BIP62 malleability vector which means that most of the transactions on the BCH network are now non-malleable. There is now no way that transactions can be modified in-flight without validation. BIP62 originally allowed a transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain to be malleable in multiple ways, allowing a valid transaction to be modified in-flight without invalidating it.   

Other Chains:  

  • Zcash released protocol v2.1.0 on November 7th, providing the necessary ZIPs for the activation of Blossom. 
  • Monero released v0.15.0.1 in time for their network upgrade on November 30th. The major changes in this release include a new PoW (Proof of Work) RandomX algorithm, automatic public nodes discovery and bootstrap daemon switching, improved network connections, options for TOR or I2P, and the removal of long payment IDs.  
  • Stellar Core updated to v12.0.0containing three advancement proposals. These advancements disable the current inflation mechanism, simplify the bucket list data structure for node admins, and create a new operation for spending. 
  • Lightning Labs released v0.8.0-beta on November 21st. This is the first release that enables mainnet Neutrino and also packages the tooling used to build iOS and Android LApps. 


Mainstream Recap: 

  • South Korean exchange Upbit was hacked on November 27th, 2019, for roughly 340K ETH.  
  • A16Z (Andreessen Horowitz) opened applications for Crypto Startup School, a seven-week educational program aimed at helping more technologists get started with building crypto. 
  • Casa announced support for 2-of-3 Multisig with 2 hardware keys. This is now live in iOS and Android. 
  • Monero’s main site was hacked to deliver malware to users who were downloading their core software from GetMonero[.]org. The malware was discovered because the attackers changed the download binary but didn’t change the hashes posted on the site.  
  • Prysm, the Eth2 Testnet from Prysmatic Labs, launched. Ethereum 2.0 is looking to move to PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus some time in 2020. Prysmatic Lab’s Sapphire Testnet currently shows 507 validators with ~1620 ETH staked. From their statistics the cost to be a validator in ETH2 is now ~32 ETH. 
  • Dragonfly Research posted about possible flaws in the use of MimbleWimble and dove into detail regarding ZcashMonero, and Grin.  
  • Shapeshift recently began offering zero-commission crypto trading to its users with the nowenabled FOX token. 
  • Binance released margin 5x leverage, optimized BUSD buy and redemption, and made other enhancements to easily buy crypto with FIAT from their homepage. 
  • Vitalika co-founder of Ethereum, published his thoughts on five years into crypto

This Week’s Cup of Coffee: 

This week, I suggest The Chronic from Doma Coffee in Post Falls, Idaho. The Chronic is washprocessed before roasting and is a darker roast with a well-balanced body. This coffee highlights spice and mild acidity. Its notes include walnut, chocolate and spice. Mmm Mmm Mmm! 

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