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Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner (CTCE) Training

CipherTrace’s Certified Examiner training provides hands-on instruction in blockchain and cryptocurrency tracing. Participants will develop and hone digital investigation techniques as they learn a risk-based approach to tracing the source of blockchain funds and de-anonymizing cryptocurrency transactions with cryptocurrency forensic tools.

By attending this training you will learn how to best leverage tools and resources to reduce investigation time and improve information yield. Upon successfully completing the course and passing the exam, you will be accredited as a Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner (CTCE).

Training on the most advanced tools by the world’s best crypto experts

Courses are led by Pamela Clegg, a leading expert in cryptocurrency forensics with over 10 years of experience with investigations, due diligence and intelligence operations. This cryptocurrency financial investigation training provides hands-on instruction in the use of the industry-leading CipherTrace platform. After the completion of training, participants will be able to:

  • Trace the source of blockchain funds and de-anonymize cryptocurrency transactions with cryptocurrency (or blockchain) forensic tools
  • Quickly risk-rate tokens, transactions, and digital asset businesses
  • Apply a risk-based approach to AML compliance
  • Use the crypto AML tools to help automate enhanced due diligence reports
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of blockchain forensic investigations
  • Produce reports that can be given to law enforcement for asset recovery

Flexible training options

Participants have the option of either onsite instructor-led training, or a train-the-trainer engagement, that offers a more flexible training, including easy-to-schedule repeat training. CipherTrace can provide onsite training plus create custom certification training programs.


More and Effective Investigations

More and Effective Investigations

Participating in this training will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of participant’s blockchain forensic investigations. You will learn ways to best leverage CipherTrace tools and resources to reduce investigation time and improve information yield.

Professional Advancement

Professional Advancement

The CTCE credential provides assurance to current and potential employers of your knowledge and experience with blockchain investigations and analytics.

Industry Acknowledgement

Industry Acknowledgement

This CTCE credential increases your standing in the cryptocurrency and AML community by verifying the integrity of your knowledge and skills and the reliability with which you can apply them.

Objective Skills Validation

Objective Skills Validation

The CTCE accreditation provides validation of forensic skills and real-world application of those skills in interpreting the data found within the CipherTrace cryptocurrency investigation toolset and threat intelligence database. Participants will learn how to produce reports that can be used by law enforcement. Along with other blockchain and cryptocurrency certification it provides credibility in legal proceedings, law enforcement investigations, and regulatory enforcement processes.

Additional Training Options

Additional Training Options

CipherTrace offers a host of training options for your team—from Cryptocurrency 101 to Blockchain Tracing. We can customize a training program to bring the right level of know-how to your organization.

Certified Cryptocurrency Risk Specialist (CCRS)

CipherTrace’s Certified Cryptocurrency Risk Specialist (CCRS) training helps you develop a prudent and risk-based approach to your interactions with the virtual currency economy. 

This training is separated into two categories: CCRS Tier I and Tier II. 

Tier I is a one-day training designed to give banks the necessary knowledge to identify, assess and mitigate cryptocurrency risk exposure. Tier II is meant to build on the knowledge gained in Tier I to further your understanding of regulations and teach you best practices for onboarding and monitoring crypto entities so that your institution can develop the best risk-based approach for its risk appetite. Tier I & II can be combined for two full-day training sessions. 


CCRS Tier I delivers the necessary knowledge base FIs need in order to have the ability to comply with regulatory requirements for identifying, assessing and mitigating cryptocurrency risk exposure.  

CCRS Tier I attendees will: 

    • Learn the basics of blockchain and its underlying technology, presented in a non-technical manner. 
    • Evaluate the different types of Crypto Entities (VASPs) in the Ecosystem. 
    • Understand their institution’s crypto-related regulatory responsibilities.
    • Learn how to identify digital asset customer and payment to cryptocurrency MSBs.
    • Know how to conduct a risk assessment of crypto flows in their institution. 


CCRS Tier II helps participants understand best practices for pre-onboarding and onboarding of corporate clients in the virtual currency space, and to optimize existing compliance policies where necessary in accordance with evolving regulatory requirements, including specific country requirements as they relate to virtual asset businesses. It also delves into compliance issues and requirements pertinent to custodial solutions.   

CCRS Tier II attendees will: 

    • Learn the best practices for onboarding crypto entities. 
    • Be able to evaluate entity risk before onboarding. 
    • Learn the best practices for risk reviews and monitoring of crypto entities. 
    • Understand AML and FinCrime trends in crypto. 

Learn the latest best practices from the world’s best crypto experts

CipherTrace draws on best practices formulated through extensive global work with other financial institutions, governments, regulators, cryptocurrency exchanges and custodians. We also leverage and continue to update our training based on our ongoing discussions with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a global AML watchdog, and various offices within the US Department of Treasury, to include FinCEN.  

“…banks must be thinking about their crypto exposure as well...If banks are not thinking about these issues, it will be apparent when examiners visit. “ -FinCEN Director Blanco, September 2020

Upcoming Training Dates

CipherTrace holds CTCE and CCRS trainings and workshops throughout the year, around the globe. Interested parties can join one of our upcoming training sessions or request private sessions for themselves and their colleagues.

Training Date Location Time Continuing Education Credit


Parte 1: Oct 27
Parte 2: Oct 28
Online10:00 AM EDT-2:00 PM ET
CTCE Part 1: Nov 16
Part 2: Nov 17
Online9:00 AM EDT-1:00 PM ET
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