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Feedzai and Mastercard to expand crypto fraud protection for consumers globally

Feedzai will leverage Mastercard’s Ciphertrace crypto intelligence solutions to reduce the risk of account-to-account fraud flowing into crypto exchanges Feedzai a financial crime and risk management solution, and Mastercard – a global technology company in the payments industry – are combining technologies to increase crypto fraud protection for hundreds of millions of consumers. Today, an…

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Ciphertrace’s Pamela Clegg collaborated with our partner Unit21 about how criminals target fiat more than crypto

Just because something is called a crypto-scam or crypto fraud, does not automatically mean that it would be unique to crypto activity – or that it even touches cryptocurrency  in some way.Crypto fraud must involve some on-chain movement, transactions on the blockchain. Any fraud occurrence that ends with stolen crypto or a crypto scam, but…

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Mastercard Ciphertrace Expert Witness Plays Central Role in $29 Million Disgorgement Case

In the summer of 2023, the 13th District Texas Court of Appeals made its final ruling on a case (Ahlgren III v. Ahlgren Jr.), wherein Pamela Clegg, an expert witness from Ciphertrace, a Mastercard company, set another precedent demonstrating the role of blockchain analytics in the North American legal system. By assisting the court in…

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What to do when you fall victim to a crypto scam

Criminals go where the money is, so it’s no surprise that with the rise of bitcoin and other virtual assets, crypto scams are on the rise too. And because crypto is so new to so many users, it may be even more difficult for people to identify and avoid potential fraud. This dynamic resulted in reported…

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ALERT: Tracing extorted bitcoin

CIPHERTRACE GLOBAL ALERT: New Phishing Attack Claims to Have Webcam Video of Victims Performing Embarrassing Act – Asks for Ransom in Bitcoin Global Alert, December 11, 2019: In early December 2019, CipherTrace researchers received multiple reports of a new strain of phishing extortion. These “sextortion” emails attempt to fool recipients into believing that the scammer…

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Blue Tie - Trump - Task Force - Crypto Fraud

Trump Task Force to Fight Crypto Fraud

New Presidential Task Force Aims to Fight Cryptocurrency Fraud With the lure of big returns attracting investors—and scammers—to cryptocurrencies, the White House has taken action to protect consumers. President Trump recently signed an executive order creating a new task force that will pay particular attention to financial crimes such as digital currency fraud, money laundering…

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