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Catallaxy to Power Cyber Auditing and Forensics Tools with CipherTrace’s Best-in-Class Blockchain Analytics Data

Subsidiary of accounting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton partners with CipherTrace to incorporate its cryptocurrency attribution data into advanced auditing and forensics tools


Catallaxy, a subsidiary of accounting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, partners with CipherTrace, the industry-leading cryptocurrency intelligence company, to enhance its cyber crime tracking capabilities. While most accounting firms have developed internal tools for blockchain audit, Catallaxy’s solution is the first to ingest attribution data directly from a blockchain analysis firm.

“Our synergistic partnership with CipherTrace is poised to produce the most powerful blockchain auditing and forensics tools in the market,” said Michel Besner, Managing Director at Catallaxy. “Our collaboration will ultimately allow us to better address growing cyber threats and compliance risks posed by illicit cryptocurrency and cross-border transactions.”

The joint Catallaxy / CipherTrace solution will enable investigators and auditors to attribute transactions to high-risk blockchain entities and international virtual asset service providers. It will also empower investigators to identify illicit cryptocurrency from dark markets, ransomware, thefts, frauds, and offshore sources.

“Investigators working for financial market authorities and various police enforcement groups require tools that cross the bridge between blockchain ledgers and other relevant content out there in order to find proofs of illicit or criminal activities,” said Michel Besner. “We believe the forensics experts and best-of-breed blockchain intelligence provided by CipherTrace to be a core component of delivering a solution that meets the most demanding requirements of investigative work out there.”

“With coverage for the widest range of tokens and the world’s best blockchain analytics, CipherTrace tools offer the industry’s most comprehensive way to trace transaction flows and comply with regulatory anti-money laundering requirements,” said Dave Jevans, CEO of CipherTrace. “We are excited to see Catallaxy select us as a trusted partner and to collaborate with them in developing advanced auditing and forensics tools.”

“This new relationship, which combines leading experts in cryptocurrency, blockchain and auditing, creates the next level of innovation in bringing investigative tools to the market,” added Stephen Ryan, COO of CipherTrace.

This partnership will provide a solution for professionals to evaluate risk-based controls, monitor ongoing performance, and lookback to assess the past effectiveness of money laundering controls.

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About CipherTrace
CipherTrace, the cryptocurrency intelligence company, protects financial institutions from crypto laundering risk and is helping to grow the crypto economy by making virtual assets trusted by governments and safe for mass adoption. CipherTrace delivers the world’s most comprehensive cryptocurrency intelligence to detect money laundering, inform law enforcement investigations, and enable regulatory supervision. CipherTrace founders are dedicated to protecting consumer privacy, while enabling protection. Created to develop digital currency and blockchain tracing and security, CipherTrace has visibility into 87% of global trading volume with hundreds of millions of attribution data points and traces more than 800 virtual assets, including BTC, BCH, ETH, ERC-20, Tether, and LTC tokens. The company was founded in 2015 by experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with deep expertise in cybersecurity, eCrime, payments, banking, encryption, and virtual currencies. The US Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology (S&T) and DARPA initially funded CipherTrace, followed by leading venture capital firms.
For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @CipherTrace.

About Catallaxy
Catallaxy, a subsidiary of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, develops data authentication, auditing and forensics tools and services. We have a group of experts in cryptographic data analysis, blockchain, tokenization, and artificial intelligence to develop targeted products and services that can help build trust in a digital economy.
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