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Analysis: How Chinese Nationals Linked to North Korea Laundered Hundreds of Millions of Dollars’ Worth of Stolen Cryptocurrency Through Several Banks and Cryptocurrency Exchanges

CipherTrace has previously reported on North Korea using cybercrime to avert economic sanctions and raise hard cash to fund its weapons of mass destruction (WMD) development. For example, in August 2017, we revealed details of a then unreleased UN research…

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Crypto && Coffee 015 | Buy Crypto with Credit

Technology Recap:  Bitcoin:  Bitcoin Core v0.19.1 has been released.  Bitcoin developer Bryan Bishop released python-bitcoinlib v0.11.0, now with segwit examples.   Developers gathered in Boston last weekend for MIT’s Bitcoin Expo 2020. Until all videos are released, here is Andrew Poelstra’s talk on Taproot and how to contribute to Bitcoin development.  …

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