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Introducing the CipherTrace Maltego Transform

A new seamless integration of the of CipherTrace cryptocurrency intelligence platform into Maltego allows users to easily risk-rate and trace tainted bitcoin addresses and transactions. A free trial is now available, which you can access by logging into Maltego and installing the CipherTrace transforms from the Maltego Transform Hub. If you don’t have Maltego, you can download free “Community” version here

CIPHERTRACE GLOBAL ALERT: Spike in Sextortion Scams Demanding Bitcoin Payment

Global Alert, August 3, 2018: Online extortion attempts have increased dramatically through July 2018. One flavor, in particular, is not new; it is an adaptation of previous phishing attacks used to perpetrate online extortion. What’s new is the massive scale at which the criminals are able to personalize their communications using data derived from breaches at Yahoo!, Experian, and Facebook. The scammers try to dupe email recipients into believing they have been recorded watching online pornography or involved in other compromising activities.


President signs

New Presidential Task Force Aims to Fight Cryptocurrency F


With the lure of big returns attracting investors—and scammers—to cryptocurrencies, the White House has taken action to protect consumers. President Trump recently signed an executive order creating a new task force that will pay particular attention to financial crimes such as digital currency fraud, money laundering scams and other digitally enabled financial crimes.

Q2 Crypto AML Report Cryptocurrency
AML Regulation Grows Globally in Response to Increasing Exchange Theft, Crypto Used in Crimes, and a Related Rise in Money Laundering
Recently released research by CipherTrace has been making the news partly because of some surprising stats. For instance, The Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Report 2018 Q2 reveals that theft of cryptocurrencies from exchanges skyrocketed in the first half of this year to three times the level seen for the whole of 2017. For all of 2018, these losses could total US$1.5 billion. Some of the more notable coverage of this research included write ups by American Banker, Reuters and eWeek.

CipherTrace CEO Leads SINET Panel that Includes New SEC ‘Crypto Czar’

On June 7, 2018, at the SINET Innovation Summit in New York, CipherTrace CEO Dave Jevans sat down with crypto asset experts and thought leaders for a discussion of the current and future state of cryptocurrencies. Topics ranged from fostering virtual currencies as mainstream investments to a new breed of crypto criminals to how smart contracts can help to improve regulation and speed innovation.

gdpr-ecrimeGDPR Threatens to Impair Cryptocurrency Crime Investigations.
The EU’s new GDPR Regulation will negatively impact the overall security of the Internet and will also inadvertently aid cybercriminals. By restricting access to critical ICANN WHOIS information, the new law will significantly hinder investigations into cybercrime, cryptocurrency theft, phishing, ransomware, malware, fraud, and crypto-jacking.

coinbaseCoinbase’s Response To New York AG’s Request Reveals Shocking Cost of Compliance



Reining In The Wild East
Japan Experience Shows How Bitcoin And Blockchain Usage Can Benefit From Regulation



Ledger Bitcoin Wallet Hacked by a 15-Year-OldResearcher




PetroFirst Presidential Cryptocurrency Order Blocks Venezuela’s Petro



Cambrian ExplosionCrypto Innovation is a Cambrian Explosion that will Transform the Next 50 Years of Civilization