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Cryptocurrency AML for Bitcoin ATMs

Automated crypto anti-money laundering is easy on General Bytes, Genesis1, Satoshi1 and Finney3 Bitcoin ATMs

Operating Bitcoin ATMs (BATM) can be very lucrative. However, Bitcoin ATM operators must ensure they comply with regional Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. CipherTrace makes compliance easy so you can readily risk rate transactions, clear red flags, and file necessary suspicious activity reports.

High-Speed API Automates Compliance Tasks

CipherTrace allow BATM operators to easily and economically comply with AML regulations around the globe. Our web base interface can be rapidly integrated with your existing infrastructure to provide real-time evaluations of cryptocurrency transaction risk.


CipherTrace Bitcoin ATM Compliance Benefits

Reduce exposure to
legal liability

Comply with Crypto
AML regulations

Automate transaction risk
scoring and reporting

Create Suspicious Activity
Reports (SARs)

Trace and document risky
crypto transactions

Detect transactions with
illegal sources of funds

Prevent stolen crypto-
currency from being traded
through your services

Risks Associated with Inadequate AML Compliance

Lack of compliance not only leads to an increased risk of criminals abusing your Bitcoin ATM to launder their illicit funds, but can also result in civil and criminal penalties for you as the ATM operator.

Read more in our Unlicensed Bitcoin ATM Case Study.

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