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Year One: A Mini Retrospective

It’s been a smidge over a year since Mastercard acquired CipherTrace. To celebrate this milestone, I sat down with Dave Jevans, founder and EVP of CipherTrace, and Johan Gerber, Mastercard’s EVP for Cyber and Security Innovation, to talk about everything we’ve accomplished, the challenges and the path ahead. While hailing a taxi in Barcelona, Dave was almost run over by a bus. Most people in that situation might see their lives flash…

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Ransomware is on the rise.

The Price Isn’t Always Right. Ransomware is on the Rise.

Ransomware continues to be a major cybersecurity challenge that impacts us all – from big industry to small businesses to individuals. In 2021, we analyzed trends in ransomware usage and bottled those up in our latest Current Trends in Ransomware Report. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll find in the report: Double extortion ransomware increased…

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