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Sentry KYT
Anti-Money Laundering

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Comply with AMLD5, FATF, and Jurisdictional Regulations

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Crypto AML enables exchanges to grow revenue by safely engaging in cryptocurrency transactions while maintaining a low risk profile.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Reduced exposure to money laundering risk and more successful identification of nefarious cryptocurrency transactions.

Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds

Investors and hedge funds use Crypto AML to verify the source of funds.

Banks & Credit Unions

The platform’s attribution information and high-speed API automates risk scoring of transactions.

Money Service Businesses

Cryptocurrency businesses easily and economically comply with AML regulations around the globe.

Law Enforcement & Regulators

An easy-to-use graphic interface that allows users to search addresses, receive risk scores and produce reports on risky transactions.

Attribution Information Provides
an Accurate View of Risk

The CipherTrace platform gives a broad, high-resolution view of the cryptocurrency transaction landscape, and uses this to provide actionable intelligence for AML investigation and compliance. It integrates both open and closed-source intelligence, and leverages proprietary clustering algorithms to rapidly aggregate and correlate a variety of indicators, and then provides users with actionable attribution.

Over 1.5 Million Attributions Added Weekly

CyberTrace analysts integrate attribution data from active intelligence gathering, public and private intelligence sources, and open-source intelligence (OSINT).

Proprietary clustering algorithms, advanced statistical analysis, and clustering techniques distill meaning from this massive data lake, resulting in a high-resolution view of the cryptocurrency risk landscape. This view spans everything from dark markets to hundreds of global exchanges, and delivers actionable intelligence for AML investigations and compliance.

Attribution Data Collection

  •  Active capture sources
  • Trusted communities such as law enforcement and regulators
  • The CipherTrace Crypto Recovery Network
  • The APWG eCrime Exchange (eCX) – a data feed with 1,500+ sources

Calculate Cryptocurrency Risks. Perform Deeper Investigations.

Algorithms Calculate Risk Levels

CipherTrace algorithms calculate risk levels based on associating suspicious addresses and wallets. CipherTrace also profiles hundreds of global exchanges, ATMs, mixers, money laundering systems, gambling services and known criminal addresses to score transactions and assess risk. It then assigns risk levels to transactions based on activity related to suspicious addresses and wallets.

High-Speed API Automates Compliance Tasks

CipherTrace has developed a robust Application Programming Interface (API). This interface can be rapidly integrated with your existing compliance infrastructure to provide real-time evaluations of cryptocurrency transaction risk.

The high-performance API quickly returns actionable risk scores for each transaction. Customers can then make decisions on whether to investigate a customer for violations of their AML policy or local regulations. The API can automatically produce a deeper level of analysis to provide the level of detail required by regulators, including FinCEN, for Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs).

Investigate Potential Risks More Deeply

CipherTrace’s interactive user interface allows non-technical users to perform deeper investigation and visually trace cryptocurrency addresses and customers. For compliance officers, this capability ensures customers do not put the organization in danger of AML non-compliance or of handling stolen funds.

CipherTrace Active Attribution allows users to take advantage of live interactions with a powerful graph database to trace the flow of funds over time and through the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The interface enables users to step backward and forward through transaction histories to discover and document risky transactions. This is also used to vet new customers and their sources of funds.


Reduce exposure to
legal liability

Comply with Crypto
AML regulations

Automate transaction risk
scoring and reporting

Create Suspicious Activity
Reports (SARs)

Trace and document risky
crypto transactions

Detect transactions with
illegal sources of funds

Prevent stolen crypto-
currency from being traded
through your services

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