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Cryptocurrency Intelligence
and blockchain analytics

Growing and strengthening the crypto economy
through improved security, safety and transparency.
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AML, Sanctions,
and Travel Rule Compliance

Continuously monitor incoming and outgoing crypto transactions for compliance violations and SARs-triggering events. Securely comply with Travel Rule regulations.

Crypto risk, due diligence,
and fraud detection

Measure your crypto exposure from destination and origin of fiat funds and risk rate virtual asset service providers.

Financial investigation

Collaboratively explore suspicious activity, uncover money laundering, and trace stolen funds, ransomware, and illicit payments.

Investigation and training services

Learn how to investigate crimes more effectively and comply with regulations. Leverage our expertise for
challenging cases.


Ciphertrace enables banks, crypto exchanges, wallets, crypto ATMs and other Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) to safely process cryptocurrency and digital asset transactions while reducing risk, protecting against fraud and being compliant with regulations around the world.

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Monitor risky payments


Investigate financial crime


Identify money laundering


Travel Rule compliance


We’re growing and strengthening the crypto economy with amazing partners. We work with you at every step to successfully implement Ciphertrace solutions, so that our technologies get to your customers and your customers’ customers (and so on) in a transparent and compliant manner.

We are proponents for reciprocal investment – increased investment from our partners will be returned with increased support, commitments, and benefits to your organization.

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